Person carrying basket battle of empty milk bottles to recycle

Kids Can Save Energy and Protect our Planet

Posted on 17 Apr, 2018

Spring is here, the season of growth and sustainability. The sun cheerfully warms winter’s chilly palette and Mother Nature begins a welcome transformation. With longer, lighter days, it’s a wonderful time to celebrate Earth Day and teach children to be kind to our planet.

Opportunities abound at Centennial, a brand-new master-planned community in Menifee. Hiking trails are adjacent to Centennial, so families easily can explore and live an active life. Plus, there is the 10-acre Centennial Park with baseball and soccer fields right in the community. Beaches and mountains are less than an hour away.

As a Pardee Homes master plan, Centennial incorporates Pardee’s LivingSmart® brand of green building. Homes are built with better, healthier building materials and systems to help you save water and energy, be kind to Mother Earth and breathe easier in your home. Examples include radiant barrier roof sheathing, low VOC insulation and interior paint, drought-tolerant landscaping and energy efficient appliances, among other features.

Thanks to its sustainable approach to homebuilding, Centennial is a special place for all ages to embrace green living. For even more green fun, here are some family-friendly activities.

Celebrate Earth Day.
This year, Earth Day is on April 22. The universal Earth Day motto is “Reduce, reuse and recycle.” Plant a tree in your yard, join volunteers to pick up a park or teach your children how to recycle.

Make bird feeders.
This is a great way to spend some quality time with your children, plus teaches them to nurture wildlife and re-use items at the same time. It can be as simple as covering toilet paper roll with peanut butter and birdseed and hanging it from a tree. Or if you have carpentry skills, use pieces of scrap wood to create a sturdier feeder.

Create an energy “saving” jar.
Teach family members to conserve energy by turning off lights, televisions and game systems when they leave a room, and not standing in front of an open refrigerator. Decide to take shorter showers and not run water during tooth brushing time. If anyone forgets, as a friendly reminder, all ages contribute a designated amount to the energy saving jar. At the end of the month, buy food for an animal shelter or donate to a favorite cause.

Have a recycling contest.
Give each child a small container to hold recycling materials. See who can come up with the most cans, plastic and paper each week.

Start a garden.
Teach kids the benefits of growing and gathering food close to home.  If backyard space is not an option, many fruits and veggies can be grown in planters on the porch.

Create homemade wrapping paper.
Take time to create some fun and inexpensive wrapping paper. Use brown paper bags if you have them or even grocery store freezer paper. Kids can create cool designs with markers or stamps. Or dip foam animals in paint and let your child do the rest.

Read an inspirational book.
Many children’s books highlight conservation, showing why protecting our planet matters or how to care for animals or nature. This can become an annual tradition on Earth Day. Some examples include Follow the Moon Home: A Tale of One Idea, Twenty Kids and a Hundred Sea Turtles highlighting a community’s dedication to save baby loggerhead sea turtles on the South Carolina coast or Flight of the Honey Bee about a honeybee’s search for nectar and how it pollinates flowers along the way. This book is particularly timely as honeybees are suffering a massive decline in population.

Spring is a great time to explore the energy-saving features in a Centennial home and the “green” possibilities in the family-friendly neighborhood. Contact a New Home Specialist today at (951) 289-5935 or join the Interest List below to learn more.