A modern baby nursery with a beige glider chair, multi-colored rug, a brown crib, and animal art throughout.

5 Tips for Baby-Proofing Your Home

Posted on 19 Dec, 2019

Making room for a baby in your life? Congratulations! Whether you’re preparing your home for your first baby, your baby is already here, or you just want to make your space more baby-friendly for visitors and their little ones, here are some tips for baby-proofing your home.

Anchors aweigh.
It’s important to anchor heavy furniture items – such as TVs, dressers and bookshelves – to the wall with furniture anchors to ensure they don’t fall over. Use two anchors for each piece of furniture, and make sure they’re attached to a piece of real wood on the furniture and a wall stud. Even if your baby isn’t crawling yet, they will be soon, and babies on the move love to climb on things. (Especially things they’re not supposed to climb on!)

Move items out of baby’s way.
Speaking of climbing, it’s also a good idea to move furniture away from anything you don’t want the baby to access. For example, if your living room sofa is currently backed up against a wall with a large window, consider moving it away from the window and closer to the center of the room. And if you have any items that can easily fall over, like a tall lamp or large vase, move them out of the baby’s way or think about storing them away for a while.

Stock up on safety locks and covers.
Nowadays, there are plenty of baby safety products that are easy to find at any baby or home store. You’ll find essentials like baby gates (your new best friends), safety covers for electrical outlets, cupboard locks, stove knob covers, locks for garbage cans and toilet seats, and more. Make a list before you head to the store or buy online, and you’ll be set.

Soften the hard surfaces in your home.
For large living areas with hardwood or tile floors, it’s smart to add an area rug so that little ones have a soft surface to play and land on. You’ll need non-skid rug liners to place under rugs so they stay put. Also, think about sharp table corners, especially on coffee tables. You can buy table bumpers that eliminate the danger of bumping into a hard corner, or switch to a round coffee table with no corners.

It’s going to be okay.
Did you get every spot in your home? Is there anything your baby might trip over or climb on? As your baby spends more time in your home, you may find even more items to secure or move out of the way, and that’s okay. We know there’s a lot to think about when it comes to baby-proofing a home. Take a breath. You got this!

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