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The Keys to Your Ultimate Home Office

Posted on 04 Apr, 2019

If you use your home office space a lot – for working, reading, studying or learning more about your passions – then you should enjoy your space and feel comfortable in it. Ready to upgrade your home office? Use one of the flex rooms in a new home at Centennial and design your own. Or, if you want to give your current one a makeover, here are some home office essentials to inspire you.

Let there be light.
Natural lighting is important in a home office. Working in a space with windows is ideal, but if you don’t have enough natural lighting, you can add desk and floor lamps to shed some much-needed light on your work areas, while improving your health and mindset.

Setting the stage.
Possibly the most essential component of your home office is your desk. Find one that fits your space and allows you plenty of room to spread out with storage for all of your work and materials. Think about getting a stand-up desk or stand-up desk converter. It can help with back pain and improve mood and energy levels. If you decide on a stand-up desk, you should also have an anti-fatigue mat for a nice cushion while you’re standing. And, no desk is complete without some home office supplies, so deck it out with all the essential sticky notes, paper clips and staples, and maybe a few novel items, too.

Your throne.
You’re going to be sitting at your desk a lot, so research an adjustable chair that fits your needs and is really comfortable, perhaps an ergonomic one with lumbar support and a head rest. Then, consider getting a chair mat if you have carpet and a rolling chair, so you can glide effortlessly around your office.

Getting in the zone.
Now that your desk is set up, think about the mood of the space. If you like to work with music on, why not set up Bluetooth speakers? And, with Amazon-integrated devices like the ones you’ll find in all homes at Centennial as part of the HomeSmart® program, it’s easy to ask Alexa to play your “Monday Morning Classical” or “Afternoon Pick-Me-Up” playlist to keep you in the zone.

The big screen.
The bigger the screen, the better. Having a large monitor to connect to your laptop, or even a second screen in addition to your desktop monitor, prevents eye strain and can boost productivity. However you like your computer setup, keep it at eye level to prevent neck tension.

It’s so convenient to have an all-in-one printer, scanner and copier — and possibly even a fax machine – in your home office. Wireless is the way to go, so you can keep your printer on another table, and not taking up space on your desk.

The pen is mightier.
Of course, you’re going to need paper for your printer, but you’ll also probably want a few more paper items. Whether you prefer loose-leaf, notebooks or legal pads, keep all your notes together so they are easy to find. And, don’t forget your favorite pens. Stock up on all the colors you love because they’ll inevitably disappear somehow along the way.

Pencil me in.
As for your calendar, you probably have a digital one on your smartphone or through your email provider, but it’s always nice to have a paper one on your desk or a whiteboard on your wall to easily confirm a date or meeting time.

Stay organized.
Break out the label maker! It’s time to get organized. Don’t waste your precious time looking for that one invoice among the many files strewn across your desk. Keep all of your important documents together in one location and use a filing system that works for you, whether you like to color-code or sort by job number instead of quarter. Store everything in file cabinets to keep it safe and out of the way, and if you need to access your files fairly often, keep your filing cabinets under your desk instead of across the room.

Color your world.
When you use your home office, you can spend the majority of your day in that one space. So, why not decorate it to reflect your style? Start with color. Choose a shade that calms you like a warm-toned blue, which is said to lower blood pressure and increase concentration. Then, add in the pieces that make you feel comfortable. A cozy arm chair to rest or read long reports in. An area rug to soften the hard floors. Your favorite art and family pictures on the wall to feel at home.

Whether you use your home office one day a month or every day, homes at Centennial provide you with space for all your home office must-haves, so you can get the job done. When you are able to work from home, you can spend less time commuting and more time with family, while enjoying your home every day.

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