How to Start Your Wine Collection

Posted on 08 Feb, 2019

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start your own wine collection. Getting started is exciting, but you may have a lot of questions. Here are some helpful tips to start the smart way.

Carve out a place for your collection.
The first step is to find a home for your collection. You might designate a corner of your kitchen for your future treasure trove of wine and accessories—easily done in the gourmet kitchens in our Kadence neighborhood. Or, if you want to go big, you need to know about the wine room options at Newpark! Whatever space you have, protect your investment by making sure the space is cool and dry and out of direct sunlight. Once you have a place, you can begin the process of selecting your wines.

Start with what you know.
With so many choices, it’s easy to get lost in research and trying to predict what will appreciate in value. However, most wine experts caution against purchasing bottles solely as “investments” but collecting what you enjoy instead. Do you really love cabernet? Or maybe you prefer a pinot noir? Whatever you like and whatever your price point, buy a couple of bottles of what you already know. Once you’ve established your favorites, try something out of your comfort zone—a new vineyard or a highly-rated blend. Next comes the best part, tasting the wine.

Get your tasting on.
Invite friends over and host your own tasting party to enjoy and discuss your go-to wines and why you like them. Along with wine rooms, homes at Centennial offer open floor plans and outdoor spaces that are perfect for entertaining your family and friends. Taste your favorites along with your new finds and discover which ones you love and which ones you wouldn’t purchase again.

After you’ve collected some of your favorites, you might visit some local vineyards to further expand your repertoire. You’ll find more than 40 wineries in the Temecula Valley, within 20 miles of Centennial. So, go discover what pleases your palate, and start with a few of those. Find one you really love? Buy a case, and your collection is well underway.

Optimal storage.
If you can, keep your collection at 55 degrees Fahrenheit for both your red and white wines. By storing bottles on their sides, you’ll prevent the corks from drying out and letting air into the bottles. The Kadence super kitchens provide ample space for all of your glasses and bottles. The wine rooms available at Newpark feature glass walls to beautifully display your collection, and with a little creativity, almost any home allows space for at least a small wine collection.

Be selective.
Cultivating a wine collection means letting your vino age, but most consumer wines are produced to be opened within three to seven years. If you want your collection to age, look for wines, such as Bordeaux, with higher acidity and tannins, as these act as preservatives. Bubblies also tend to age well, so it’s easy to stock up on bottles of champagne and have them ready for special occasions. White wines don’t typically age as well as reds, so look for ones that are meant to age, or buy them with the plan to drink them within their shelf life. Don’t hesitate to ask the vintner or shop owner when you have questions; they’re almost always eager to help you learn.

Keep it organized.
Separate and label your wines so you remember which ones to drink first and which will benefit from aging. Try keeping an inventory of what you have from the start. It’s easy to lose track of vintages and purchase dates, and it will be fun to look back at over time. Depending on how extensive your collection is, you may even want to consider listing it on your insurance.

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