Essentials for Throwing the Ultimate Summer BBQ

Posted on 18 Jul, 2019

You can smell your neighbor’s hamburgers on the grill next door, and it has inspired you to host your own backyard barbecue. Did you know that homes at Centennial have an available covered patio options so it’s easy to entertain outside? And, since summer is in full swing, here are the essentials you need for throwing the ultimate barbecue at your house. Ready, set, grill!

The grill.
Once you’ve decided on a date and sent out invites, it’s time to prepare. Get your grill in shape by giving it a good scrub before your get-together. If you don’t have a grill, now is the time to invest in one. Gas and charcoal grills produce the best flavor, but electric grills are cleaner and more environmentally friendly. No matter which one you choose, be sure to stock up on charcoal or propane before your party.

The tools.
The tools of the trade for throwing a barbecue include a grill brush, meat thermometer, basting brush and a stainless-steel utensil set with long-handled tongs, a spatula and a meat fork. It’s helpful to have multiple sets if you’re cooking for a large party, or if you need to keep the meat separate from the veggies.

The food.
Get a headcount and decide on the menu. Steak? Chicken? Veggie burgers? Next, think about what side dishes would go with your main course. You could serve the traditional baked beans and potato salad. Or, try something different like watermelon salad with feta and mint. Plus, have some snacks for your guests to enjoy while you’re grilling. Alternatively, you can have them bring side dishes and desserts, so you can focus on the main event.

The drinks.
Cold beverages are a must at any backyard barbecue. Have water and tea or lemonade ready for everyone, and then set up a beverage station with beer and wine. Have you been working on your wine collection? This is a great time to share your new favorite red or white with your guests. Don’t forget, you can never have too much ice!

The party prep.
Buy all your ingredients ahead of time and do as much of your meal preparation as you can the day before or the morning of. If you need to marinate your meat overnight or apply a dry rub a few hours in advance, plan accordingly so you don’t lose any time with your guests. And don’t forget the fixin’s!

The décor.
Preparation also means getting your house and backyard ready for company – and your covered patio and porch if you live at Centennial. Set up seating areas in your backyard for guests to mingle and eat. And, in addition to your beverage station, have a table for snacks and side dishes. For easy clean up, you can use indoor/outdoor tablecloths and compostable utensils, plates and cups. Citronella candles will help ward off bugs, and string lights add ambiance while keeping the party going later.

The forecast.
Check the weather, and have a backup plan in case it doesn’t cooperate. If you need to move the party inside, make sure your home is set up for company. Homes at Centennial provide ample entertaining space with generous kitchens that open into the living and dining rooms, making indoor/outdoor living and entertaining a breeze.

Grilling at Centennial.
Every home at Centennial has available covered patios, so you can extend your living space into your backyard. And, with a 10-acre sports park at the center of the community, you have plenty of space for activities. Play frisbee with your kids, or have a pick-up soccer game with your friends while the ribs are cooking low and slow on the grill.

Let your home take care of you, so you can take care of your family and your guests.

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