people raising their glasses together during a craft beer tasting party

How to Host a Craft Beer Tasting Party at Home

Posted on 31 Aug, 2018

Are you looking to mix things up for your next get-together? Consider hosting a craft beer tasting party. Your guests will love discovering new flavors, and you can also try out flights, or even taste-test your brews if you microbrew. Centennial’s new homes in Menifee provide the perfect setting for hosting and entertaining, with spacious, modern floor plans, front porches, outdoor spaces and large open kitchens.

Take advantage of the following tips to host your own craft beer tasting party.

The guest list.
Do you want this event to be educational? Keep in mind that larger parties will likely have fewer opportunities to chat with every guest about tastes and brewing processes. Talk to your friends and neighbors in advance about their beer knowledge, and what their expectations would be for an event, to create a party everybody will enjoy.

Buying the right hops.
When you have a good idea of whether guests typically drink craft selections versus big brand beers, it will be easier to choose your flavors.

Once you have a confirmed headcount of who’s attending, you’ll also have a better idea of how much beer to purchase. As a reference point, every guest may have a 4-ounce sample of each beer. Have at least five different flavors ready to pour.

Other items.
You’ll also need to get a few other items including ice, soda, water and other drinks so guests have other beverage choices. Food wise, keep it light. Salty foods like potato chips contrast well with hops and malts.

If you want to make your tasting party look more like a brewery, buy differently shaped glassware and flight sets.

Make tasting charts.
Most people who don’t drink craft beer regularly may only have “smooth” and “hoppy” in their review vocabulary. By having a tasting chart handy for people to look at, your guests will have a reference point and a better sense of what to expect.

For a party of craft beer enthusiasts, be ready to have information about the beer’s production process. Find out the story behind the flavors. Then, as guests sample, provide paper if they want to note specific ales they liked, and encourage everyone to share their preferences.

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