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6 Ways to Keep Back-to-School Routines Stress-Free

Posted on 17 Sep, 2019

It’s that time of year again. Your kids have started school and you want to make sure everyone in the family stays on a good schedule this year. You’ve already done the shopping for back-to-school supplies and clothes, but there is more preparation you can do with your kids every day to keep things running smoothly. Here are six ways to keep back-to-school routines stress-free for you and your kids at home at Centennial.

Set a nightly routine.
You know the mornings when you’ve run out of peanut butter and your son can’t find one of his shoes and you’re just trying to get everyone out the door? Well, a good nightly routine can help you put those crazy mornings to bed. Have a set time when each of your kids knows when to get ready for bed, brush their teeth and put their pajamas on. This is also a good time for them to pick out their clothes for the next day and lay them out to save time and hassle in the mornings.

Prep on Sundays.
Start each day off right by preparing the night before, especially on Sundays, when you can get ahead for the whole week. Make sure you’ve gassed up the car and picked up your dry cleaning. Do any last loads of laundry so the kids have clean clothes or uniforms for all five days.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even make lunches for the whole week and give yourself more time in the morning.

Create a place for everything.
As soon as the kids walk in the door, have them put their gym bags in the laundry room so uniforms can go straight in the wash and be ready for tomorrow’s big game, while backpacks, shoes and jackets should all go in one designated spot. Most homes at Centennial offer available drop zones so you can have a place for everyone to put their bags. And, after homework is finished, it’s important for the kids to put books and assignments back in their backpack and in the designated area by the door, so everyone can grab their stuff and go in the mornings.

Stick to a morning routine.
It can be hard to get everyone ready and out the door on time, so implement a morning routine that works for you and your family to keep you on track. It helps to wake up before the kids so you have time to get yourself ready first. Then you can wake them up and start getting the younger ones ready. Making a bathroom schedule will ensure everyone has enough time to get ready in the morning, especially teenagers who might take a little longer.

Assign tasks.
Give your kids some tasks if they’re old enough. Older kids can get themselves up and dressed and pack their own lunches. If they need help, make a short checklist so they don’t forget anything. That way, you’re all working together to get them to school on time in the mornings.

Achieve success with a smarter house.
Every home by Pardee Homes comes with HomeSmart® technology that helps you stay comfortable, in control and connected. With the included Amazon-integrated devices, you can ask Alexa to play your “Homework Playlist” or set a two-minute timer so the kids know how long to brush their teeth. Plus, the home’s mesh Wi-Fi network system ensures that your kids have internet access when they’re researching for their big history paper – no matter where they are in the house.

Creating – and sticking to – a consistent routine at night and in the morning will help everyone during the school year. And you can make your day-to-day easier with help from your home, so you can focus more on your family.

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