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Tips for Designing a Music Room

Posted on 06 Jul, 2018

Sometimes you just need space-especially if you’re looking to rehearse or practice. Music can be the freest form of expression when you have an inspiring space to kick out the jams. Within Centennial’s master-planned community in Menifee, a whole new world of musical opportunities opens up for you or any other musicians in your household. Modern, heartfelt living takes center stage at Centennial with contemporary floor plans featuring many custom options. Take advantage of the following tips for designing your own music room.

Furnishing your practice room.
If you want to make the most of your time rehearsing, you’ll need a few essential items and pieces of furniture. Do you sit when practicing? Picking the right chair makes a big difference in how long you can keep rehearsing. A comfortable, armless chair is a must along with an adjustable footrest, cushioned seat and backrest.

Add a cozy sofa or loveseat for listening to music and playing back your recordings.

A lamp with dimmer lights, rug and end table can add a little more spirit to your music room. Centennial floor plans also include dimmer switches to control room ambiance.

Have a music stand for reading music either off sheets or your tablet. Other essential items include a metronome, tuner and instrument stand.

Make your music room a stimulating space.
Surround yourself with inspiration inside your practice room. Put up your favorite framed vinyl records on the walls. Or hang evocative paintings and photos of your musical heroes.

Looking to counter echo and background noise? Place acoustic panels and acoustic foam on the walls.

Centennial’s Kadence Plan 3 features glass-walled living spaces so natural light can come pouring in as you play away on a baby grand piano or enjoy other activities. Place your piano in an area containing a mix of hard surfaces that reflect sound (concrete, hardwood, glass windows and wood paneling) and soft surfaces that absorb it (upholstered furniture, rugs, carpeting, heavy drapes and tapestries). Within Kadence, Easton and other Centennial neighborhood floor plans containing den options, you can add wall-mounted racks and upholstered seats for additional musicians.

Interested in a comfortable home space for your child’s budding musical interests or a place of your own to rock out? Contact a New Home Specialist today at (951) 289-5935 or join the Interest List below to learn more.