Happy Spaces for Happy Kids

Posted on 25 Jan, 2019

What keeps parents up most nights? One way or another it typically revolves around the kids, whether it’s making sure they have everything they need or just chatter from the slumber party in the living room. At Centennial, modern heartfelt living is all about making sure the entire family has all the necessary room and spaces to set them up for success. Take advantage of these tips as you style and decorate your new home.

Designate a space in the garage for kids’ hobbies.
Do you have a budding artist in your household? The garage may be a more manageable place for the inevitable messes. Set up a butcher paper dispenser for them to draw to their heart’s content or catch the paint drips. Then you can create easy-to-assemble frames for their work using black masking tape that can easily be displayed.

Your garage isn’t just a blank canvas for the visual arts! There are endless opportunities for fun to enjoy thanks to the spacious garages included with each Centennial home.

Create an ideal kids’ game room.
When kids are ready to relax or have fun, your game room can be ready to go with some of their favorite activities. If they enjoy evenings playing video games or watching movies, provide beanbags and their favorite snacks. At select floorplans at Centennial, you can even take advantage of the extra room in your loft for a foosball, air hockey or pool table. When choosing décor, going with brighter colors can match the cheerful energy of your kids.

Make weekdays easy.
Set up designated pick-up and drop-off areas for shoes and backpacks to help save time in the morning rush. Once the kiddos get back from school, create an easy system they can follow to unpack. Establish a space in the kitchen or great room where they know to place permission slips, school notices and completed school work. Once they’ve emptied out anything they need from their backpack and lunch bag, set up a snack station on the kitchen island. That way they can complete any homework as you tackle dinner.

Kadence Plan 1 Flex RoomThe Kadence Plan 1 model features a fun and practical space for kids.

Cook in tandem.
Is an Easy-Bake Oven one of your kids’ go-to toys? Or has your child ever shown interest in being your dinnertime helper? Beyond the reading and mathematical development involved, cooking can also help encourage more relaxed social time as you and your child boogie along to their favorite songs while following a recipe.

If you’re looking for even more counter space, select plans at Centennial have double kitchen islands available so you can never have too many cooks in the kitchen.

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