Four people sitting on a couch in garage

Your Garage Is a Blank Canvas

Posted on 04 Jun, 2018

English philosopher John Locke famously argued humans are created without any preformed options or perceptions. In essence, individuals are born a blank slate.

Your garage doesn’t have to be any different. It can be so much more than a place to store your cars and other possessions. Within Centennial’s modern master-planned community, garages are an extension of your lifestyle. Many of the Centennial floor plans feature 3-bay garages giving you room for all sorts of activities you already love. Embrace the many possibilities!

Set up your ideal motocross station.
If you have a motorcycle, more than likely you already work on your ride. Forget the old, two-drawer toolbox. Create a motocross station zone in your garage with more cabinet space and hanging lights for proper visibility.

The tools at your disposal may include essentials like wrenches, sockets, drivers, screwdrivers and pliers along with higher-end gadgets like snap-ring pliers, punches and torque wrenches.

Seamless indoor/outdoor entertaining.
Some Centennial plans offer an optional glass garage door on the backside that rolls up and opens into the backyard. For a block party, this gives you a fantastic place for welcoming guests and providing them what they need to enjoy the gathering. Set up refreshments, treats and party decorations in the garage. Then leave the back door open so guests can easily find their way to the yard and back patio.

Rehearse with room to spare.
Many of the most legendary acts in music can trace their humble roots back to practicing in the garage. Centennial’s 3-bay garages give bands room to stretch out so you can position bass amps far enough away that musicians can still hear other’s instruments. Pull speakers away from the walls for the best sound possible and add ear-level absorption panels.

Create your escape.
Your version of a personal retreat can even be a cozy man cave. Deck out your garage with a comfortable couch, wide-screen TV, liquor cabinet, poker table, pinball machine or anything else you need to get away from the daily grind.

Open the garage doors to a new home at Centennial and see the infinite possibilities to embrace modern, heartfelt living. Ready to make your next move toward the life you want? Contact a New Home Specialist today at (951) 289-5935 or join the Interest List below to learn more.