7 Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

Posted on 29 Apr, 2019

It’s officially spring, and it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather and blooming flowers all around us. And, when you can’t make it outside, here are some ways to bring the outdoors in, using existing Centennial home features and easy additions, so you can experience all the wonders of spring from the comfort of your home.

Surround yourself with plants.
Whether you have a green thumb or prefer low-maintenance plants, surround yourself with the plants and flowers you love. Line up a few herbs on your kitchen windowsill. Hang English ivy in a basket in your living room, or place a bamboo palm on your nightstand – both are great for cleaning indoor air. Even in your bathroom, plants add color and life to your home.

Let the sunshine in.
Open your windows, invite the light in and breathe in the fresh air. It’s free and the easiest way to bring nature indoors. Or, simply draw the curtains and embrace the sunlight. Homes at Centennial have the option for garage doors with windows across the top, or down the side for a fresh, new look. They provide added curb appeal, as well as much-needed natural light for your garage.

Go au naturel.
Incorporating organic materials into your décor like rattan, hemp, cotton and wood add a natural element, as well as varied textures to your space. Even food can become a beautiful display – group artichokes in a bowl as a centerpiece, or place a small vase of flowers inside a larger vase and add slices of citrus in between for an updated floral display. Shells, sand and rocks also make great arrangements for bookshelves and coffee tables, and can double as an exhibit for your souvenirs.

Color your world.
Bring in accessories in the colors that you love from nature. Warm browns, tans and beiges may seem unexciting, but they create a neutral palette to work with. Then, you can layer in more colors like pale greens and crisp blues for a calming feel, or Kelly greens and bright, lemon yellows for more of a pop in your space.

Stop and smell the roses.
You’ve brought in some new colors and textures from the outdoors, but don’t forget about bringing your favorite scents indoors. Do you like clean scents like bergamot and eucalyptus, floral potpourri like rose and lavender, or earthy incense varieties like sandalwood and patchouli? Light a soy candle, an incense stick or even add a few drops of essential oils to a diffuser or inside your toilet paper roll, and take in the soothing aroma.

The sound of calm.
For quiet downtime at home, use a sound machine or app to replicate the sounds of nature: rain, wind, waves, birds, etc. Or, with Amazon-integrated devices like you’ll find in all homes at Centennial as part of the HomeSmart® program, you can play your favorite nature track just by asking Alexa for your “Morning Rain” or “Nightly Waves” playlist.

Outdoor living space.
Create a backyard or patio that you love. Then, you’ll want to look out your window every day and appreciate the natural beauty over your morning cup of coffee. If you don’t have a yard or patio, consider moving to a home that utilizes outdoor spaces. Centennial offers homes with wider homesites and covered patios for a seamless indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

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