Great Room and Decor with Added Color

6 Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Home

Posted on 05 Jun, 2019

Put your own spin on your home décor by adding more color. Whether you’re into design trends like bold black or prefer a more minimalist style, there is always room for a few fresh shades to make your home stand out. Here are six ways to add a pop of color to your current space or your brand-new home at Centennial in Menifee.

If you want to start small, repeat an accent color in a few strategic places to balance a room. For example, use teal lamps in your living room, paint or wallpaper the back of a bookshelf teal and put a teal or seafoam pillow on the couch to tie it all together. Or, for a more focused feel, group accessories of the same color scheme together on a shelf or table, varying heights and materials. Alternately, you can use one vibrant accessory like a neon orange throw in a monochromatic living room for a striking look that will leave a lasting impression.

 Accent Wall
If you want to go big, paint a contrasting accent wall in your bedroom or living room. Or, look up and paint the ceiling. You can use a darker color on the ceiling and then paint the walls with a more diluted version made up of 80 percent white to 20 percent ceiling color, creating a stunningly put together room. For something different, incorporate wallpaper in a subtle pattern or metallic shade, drawing the eye upward.

Invest in a colorful piece of furniture to make your room pop and create that “wow” factor. Add a solid sofa, or just a patterned chair. You can also introduce new textures or mix styles, such as a mid-century modern sofa in midnight blue velvet or a minimalist geometric wingback chair in rose gold. And, you don’t have to match everything. Upholster your dining chairs in a rainbow of hues to brighten up your dining room or eat-in kitchen.

A pop of color doesn’t have to be dramatic to make an impact. You can always use muted or faded tones to ease into color. For example, ground a room with a rug that includes neutrals and a fun color like an ikat in pink and beige.

Skip floral patterns and go straight for the real thing. Flowers and plants are a great way to introduce greens and bright colors to your home. They are portable and easy to change out or move to a new spot. Flowering succulents like the crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii) bloom into beautiful shades of red, pink and orange. They are very low maintenance and work indoors or out.

And, of course, you can always use your artwork to incorporate more colors. Create a gallery wall or hang a large, statement piece, pulling a color or two and extending it into the room in small doses.

Don’t be afraid to try a different style or bold color. Test out a new idea and live with it a little while. You might be surprised to find that you like something you wouldn’t normally pick. Or, experiment with a combination of any of the above ideas.

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