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    4 Light and Delicious Weeknight Meals

    Posted on 13 Aug, 2019

    When the weather is warm, living is easy – and your cooking should be, too. Whipping up a weeknight meal the whole family will enjoy is a breeze in your new, gourmet kitchen at Centennial. Here

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    Sports to Enjoy as a Family

    Posted on 06 Aug, 2019

    There are so many benefits to getting outside and exercising, including improved physical and mental health. But, did you know? Playing sports as a family comes with even more benefits for everyone. Not only is it

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    How to Host a Craft Beer Tasting Party at Home

    Posted on 31 Aug, 2018

    Are you looking to mix things up for your next get-together? Consider hosting a craft beer tasting party. Your guests will love discovering new flavors, and you can also try out flights, or even taste-test your brews if you microbrew.